Information about the Velky Meder Thermal Spa Park

The thermal spa in Velky Meder was opened to the public for the first time in 1974 and uses two thermal springs with therapeutic waters at temperatures of 57-68°C. The chemical composition of this geothermal water is similar to the famous springs in Piestany and has therapeutic effects on the musculoskeletal system and joints and has a regenerative effect on the body. The facility has undergone numerous developments to the present day where it offers high quality services. In 2004 the park opened the completely renovated summer water park named THERMALPARK - Velky Meder thermal spa for marketing purposes. The site offers two individual and separate sections. The summer facility is open in season from 1 May to 30 September while the rest of the facility can be enjoyed by visitors every day of the year. The indoor recreational complex is open year-round every day from 9 AM to 9 PM and features two separate yet interconnected sections. The indoor pool has been in operation since 2001 and features a swimming pool in an atypical shape covering 300 m2 with 1.2m deep water and a temperature of 30°C. The middle of the pool features a raised whirlpool with 33°C water and the edge of the swimming pool also has a kiddie pool with 33°C water as well. This pool has its own locker room with 400 individual lockers in the men's and women's sections with direct access to the pool through the showers. This indoor section includes the classic Finnish sauna area and a cafe.
The second portion of the complex that is open year-round is the partially covered pool opened on 11 June 2004. The total area of this pool with seating benches around the entire perimeter and water jets is 550 m2; a total of 1/3 of this pool is indoors while the rest is outside and accessible from the indoor portion. The open section of the pool offers the unique option to bathe outdoors on the coldest of winter weather protected by the warm water and steam. Water temperature in this pool varies from 38 to 40°C and the pool is 0.96 m deep. The newly-renovated portion of the facility features 500 lockers and changing booths, the sauna centre with 4 saunas (infrared, steam, herbal and Finnish) with a massage pool (Jacuzzi), vertical bio-solarium, showers, massage, pedicure, manicure, mud wrap and micro-facial massage services along with a fast food restaurant and bar. The wide open, 6 hectare grassy outdoor facility shaded by the mature trees that surround it is open for the summer tourism season from 1 May to 30 September every year. Here the facility offers another 5 pools and the newly renovated recreational pool has been open since 3.6.2006. The original old pool was demolished to make room for a modern pool with hydro massage and water cascades perfect for the entire family. The new pool meets the most demanding requirements for hygiene and water purity thanks to its modern filtration equipment. The recreational pool is 1.20 m deep; however the depth of the pool is variable and can be adjusted to match the given season and the needs of guests. This pool is perfect for use as a calm sitting pool in the off-season making it a favourite for seniors and can also be used as a recreational pool with a more temperate water temperature, making it also suitable for our younger guests and for families with children. Thanks to its variability, capacity in the off-season can be increased and the summer season can be extended.
In addition to the new pools, the facility offers three pools that are only open in the summer, specifically:

  • The Italian pool with water slides, area: 300 m2 depth: 80-160 cm, water temperature: 28°C
  • The Competition Swimming Pool, area: 1250 m2, depth 220 cm, water temperature: 25°C
  • Kiddie Pool, area: 280 m2, depth: 30 cm, water temperature: 33°C
Other facilities are also available for a range of sporting activities:
  • Beach volleyball court
  • Mini golf
  • A hardened surface for volleyball, foot volley, football along with other playground equipment including swings, a trampoline, reclining loungers, etc.
The price of admission covers all pools, water slides and sports facilities on site.


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